Marketing & SEO Strategy Services

From Africa to America, Marketing and SEO strategy outlined

A SEO Strategist is a person who figures out a long term plan to get your website to show up on Google when people search for something you happen to offer, it may have its complexities in execution, but the concept is as simple as that.” – Brigette Benson

Search Engine Optimization, together with content marketing and digital advertising, is the magic mix any business needs to be able to effectively market themselves, get their brands out in front of prospective customers, so as to be able to increase sales.

When I graduated with my marketing degree in 2000 at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa, these three categories were unheard of. A mere two decades back, the training was around the 4P’s from Kotler and Armstrong, namely Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Advertising was a component of the “Promotion” piece of Marketing, and we spent years running around having full page adverts designed for magazines, radio commercials recorded for stations and TV adverts scripted, story boarded and shot for different television stations. Each and every time, the finished campaign would have to be physically delivered either on tape, or CD to the media owner.

How times have changed.

Not only do customers seek out their information in many new places such as social platforms and streaming services, but also the production and distribution of campaigns has evolved completely. Sounds much easier right? Wrong. Now people have so many places to go for information, and competition has increased significantly dues to the “easier” artwork creation and distribution. But this has meant it is far more difficult now to break through the clutter, beat your competition and get in front of a customer.

That is where SEO Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Digital Advertising will save the day.