“A SEO Strategist is a person who figures out a long term plan to get your website to show up on Google when people search for something you happen to offer, it may have its complexities in execution, but the concept is as simple as that.” – Brigette Benson


About me

Strategist by weekday. Beach lover by weekend.

Wildly passionate about nature, world travel, all things tech, my dogs and living life to the fullest. I too am strategically strong, exceptionally methodical and efficient when developing products, implementing campaigns or managing accounts. All with measurable results and outcomes in place.

I Meet Objectives

Whether you’re aiming to drive product purchase and usage. Lead generation and customer retention. Increasing online, call center or in-store activity.

My experience on multiple global and local brand campaigns ensure that this happens all within a deliverable time frame and budget

I achieve this through incorporating a magnitude of media options, events, public relations, packaging design, sponsorship’s, corporate social initiatives and SEO.

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Marketing & SEO Strategy | Local and Global.

Search Engine Optimization, together with content marketing and digital advertising, is the magic mix any business needs to be able to effectively market themselves, get their brands out in front of prospective customers, so as to be able to increase sales. Fancy growing your business either locally or on the international stage?

Your website is the key that unlocks this great opportunity. Together with content marketing and digital advertising to your customers, generating you leads, your company has the potential to grow and flourish.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy is a marathon. Always planning on how to beat your competition so that you may rank in Google. He (or she!) who ranks higher on a search results page, wins. SEO Strategy includes, but is not limited to, site architecture, on page optimizations, content, link building and much more.

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Marketing Strategy

Depending on the age, size and plans of your business, so your marketing strategy needs to adapt. Certainly in a world that is ever changing. A company would be well set to craft their strategy in a way that is ahead of the curve, so that when macro factors shift, so the strategy is already accommodating.

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Digital Advertising

In a world where people are consuming content on new and different platforms everyday, how does a brand get in front of prospective customers, wherever they go? Digital advertising is quite simply the data driven art, designed to reach customers in an ever fragmenting digital & media landscape.

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Content Marketing

A potential customer a full decision making journey, unique to them. Content Marketing matches the stage at which customers find themselves in this journey before choosing to buy. The objective, nudge them down the sales funnel until they make their final (and happy!) purchase decision.

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